Your participation in BEAUTY FUTURES – The DOUGLAS Start-up Challenge is governed by the following terms and conditions:


1.The Challenge is organized by Douglas GmbH, Luise-Rainer-Str. 7-11, 40235 Düsseldorf, Germany (“Douglas”).

2.To apply for the Challenge, you must submit a brief written description of your product or business idea, any supporting documents (including a bitch deck and a brief Management Summary of max. two slides with the following information: name of your brand and your logo, name and pictures of the founder(s) and country, short description of your product, your USP, and a short description or link of where your product already is or will be available, pictures of your product) and an additional video describing your project (the “bid”) in English language via the Challenge website by September 19, 2022, 12pm CET at the latest. The total file size of your supporting documents may not exceed 20 MB. Please share the video via link (e.g. a download link).

3.When submitting your bid, you must provide your name and contact details for Douglas’ correspondence with you regarding the challenge.

4.If you wish to participate as a team you must appoint a team speaker and provide the speaker’s name and contact details when submitting your bid. Your supporting documents for the bid must also provide the names of all other team members. The maximum team size is a total of three persons (including the speaker). Douglas’ correspondence regarding the challenge will be directed to the team speaker.

5.Among all bids that are submitted in due form and time the jury members will select, at their sole discretion, up to thirty shortlist candidates (ten per category). These shortlist candidates will be informed no later than October 12, 2022 by e-mail.

6.The shortlist members will be reviewed a second time by jury members who will select, at their sole discretion, up to nine finalists (three per category) to participate in the final award ceremony (the „Finalists“). Shortlisted candidates will undergo a voting by Douglas employees. The total voting result of the employees is weighted like one jury member and will be included in the decision on the finalist selection. Douglas will inform the finalists no later than October 31, 2022 by e-mail whether they have been selected as finalist.

7.The award ceremony will take place on November 8, 2022 during a face-to-face and digital event at the Douglas’ headquarters in Düsseldorf including finalists and jury members, which will be filmed and, with a time delay, streamed on the internet. Finalists may also participate digitally.

8.The jury members who decide upon shortlist candidates and finalists and who are present at the award ceremony will have significant experience in their field. They will be appointed by Douglas at its sole discretion.

9.At the beginning of the award ceremony each participant will be asked to present its bid in a plenary session. The finalists will have the opportunity to discuss their bid with the jury.

10.During the award ceremony the jury will, at its sole discretion, select three winning bids – one per each category – among the finalists (the “winners”).


11.Douglas will provide the winners the chance to either include their product or brand in Douglas’ assortment or, in the case of a „Beauty & Health Digital Solution“ or a „Sustainability Innovation“, to cooperate with Douglas - either on the digital platform, the app, in social media, in stores or related processes – after undergoing a review process. Among all finalists, Jung von Matt START will also select a participant at its own discretion who will win a "brand sprint" package. This package includes an individually adapted consulting regarding the strategy, design etc. of the start-up.


12.Finalists will have to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements for the final award event in Düsseldorf. They may also participate digitally in the award event.

13.Douglas will, at its own cost, arrange lunch and dinner for all finalists on the day of the award event in Düsseldorf.


14.Douglas, affiliated companies of Douglas and the participants may publish in their respective social media channels, the fact that the challenge is taking place and/or photos taken at the event, ideally using the official hashtag #BeautyFutures.

15.Any other use of another party’s name, logo, image or other intellectual property rights in connection with the challenge are only permitted with that other party’s prior written consent (e.g. by e-mail).


16.You must be at least 18 years of age when submitting your bid.

17.If you would like to attend the award ceremony in Düsseldorf (Germany) personally, you must be in possession of valid travel documents. If you require a visa you will have to obtain the visa yourself and at your own cost. Alternatively you may attend the event digitally.

18.You must own all intellectual property rights in your bid and must ensure that your presentation on the bid (including any presentations at the challenge event in Düsseldorf) do not infringe any applicable laws and/or any rights of third parties.

19.Employees of Douglas, employees of companies affiliated to Douglas and employees of agencies or service providers supporting Douglas in organizing the Challenge as well as the relatives of such employees may not participate in the challenge.


20.Neither you nor Douglas nor the other participants shall have any expectation of confidentiality regarding the challenge and/or regarding the content of any statements or presentations made within the challenge. You must not present any information that you deem confidential.


21.The challenge and these terms and conditions are exclusively governed by German law and shall be construed accordingly.

22.Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.